Frequently Asked Questions

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    • When apps like Uber and Ola first entered our daily lives, they were unbelievably convenient. No driving or parking worries! Slowly, the novelty is wearing off and riding in cabs is a source of stress instead. It’s common to see drivers denying rides, talking on the phone while driving or driving so rashly that you fear for your safety. At Janta, we want to help riders take an informed decision about the cab they board.
    • At Janta, we want to create a community where members can read one another’s experiences and make an informed choice while riding in cabs. We strongly believe in the ‘right to write’. We want every genuine consumer’s voice heard. Our team and automatic fraud filters ensure that they are working at all times to identify, block and remove fake review & reviewers.
    • After you book a ride on your favourite cab aggregator’s app, you’ll be assigned a vehicle. While you wait for the cab to arrive, take a screenshot of your phone’s screen where the driver’s name and car number are displayed. Share it with Janta app; we’ll read your cab’s license plate number and tell you what the Janta says about the driver you’re about to ride with. This is especially useful when your driver is notorious for cancelling bookings or driving rashly - you can always be one step ahead.
    • The screenshot you take should display your cab’s license plate number. It could be from any of the following.
      a. The app you use to book - Just after booking or when you’re on your way.
      b. Web browser (Chrome/Safari etc) - When you share your trip status with a friend, they receive a link which opens in the browser. This screen shows your cab’s license plate number, and our app can read that as well.
      c. Email receipt from Uber - After your ride ends, you are sent a receipt for your trip. This receipt has your cab’s vehicle number on it. This is applicable only for Uber.
    • Look-up credits are quite literally, credits for looking up a vehicle. You lose 1 Look-up credit every time you search for a vehicle’s reviews, but you can earn a Look-up credit for each review you write.
    • You won’t be able to search for any more reviews once you exhaust your Look-up credits. You can, however, earn more look-up credits by writing reviews.
    • By writing reviews, you can earn points and climb up the ladder. If you earn enough points to get a Silver or a Gold badge, you will be one of the most respected members of the Janta community.
      a. 20 points when you sign up.
      b. 20 points when you write any cab’s first review.
      c. 20 points when you write a review using a screenshot.
      d. 10 points when you write a review without a screenshot.